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 Program Synopsis

Dr. A. Wyatt Mullinax has added to his own creative techniques and extensive experiences a unique adaptation and down-to-earth illustrativeapplication of the most effective and innovative approaches that leaders in the field have used successfully.

By drawing from the best components of proven approaches, Dr. Mullinax produces substantial positive results supported by outcome-based measures.

These materials have been taught in many different settings with great success in changing people of all ages into productive citizens/students that are unlikely to back to their old behaviors—because their thinking has changed. This material was taught in the middle schools to students in emotionally challenged classes with great reduction in their maladaptive behaviors.  Teachers’ comments following the program were extremely positive.  The program included an incentive segment, designed by Carolyn Mullinax, RN, BS, Dr.  Mullinax’s wife.

A Sampling of Outcomes

*  In the early 90’s Dr. A. Wyatt Mullinax designed and authored a program for adults assigned to his class by the court systems.  The program  reduced recidivism by more than 33% with persons who attended all or a part of the classes to which they were assigned.

*  The results for those completing the recommended number of classes were even more remarkable—just under 1 out of 20 (instead of the previous record of over 1 out of 5) recidivated during the same time period of post release.

*  Similar programs that were tested resulted in a 50% reduction of recidivism.

*  Programs under his leadership in working with adolescents, pre-adolescents, and parents of adolescents, utilizing the cognitive renewal concepts, have been evaluated by outcome based measures.  The constructive cognitive changes have usually ranged between 55% and 70%.

*  Program Evaluation results from seventeen students in three different classes who completed the program were as follows:

*  Was the program helpful?       100%   YES

*  Did the program address your issues?            100%   YES

*  Did the program challenge you to work on your issues?        100%   YES


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