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Cognitive Renewal

Cognitive Renewal, so what does that mean? Generally speaking when we keep repeating the same old behaviors and expect different results we need to change our thinking to improve on how life is treating us.

How do we start? Dr. Mullinax in his lectures challenges everyone to look at themselves. He has allot of material that helps us take a look at ourselves and he also helps identify the thinking pattern that needs to change in us; then how we can share it with others. Over all, the principle is true “If nothing changes in our thinking nothing will change in our behavior”.

If we are truly going to change our behavior because it is not working for us, it has to start at the thinking level. One of the major themes in the schools where this is taught we teach I over E if you want to be free. I stands for intelligence (thinking) and E stands for ( Emotions). Come join us at a seminar and learn all the details of how to change your circumstances by changing your thinking.

If you watched the video on this page you realize that people from all walks of life benefit from Cognitive Renewal. In the video he was teaching the youthful offends at women prison, teaching a Sunday school class for personal growth. Taught at the men’s prison, also saw him teaching a church group that plans to work with people who are being released from prison. Those are just brief look at a few venues. This material is applicable to wide variety of venues, call us we will be glad to talk about your unique venue and how the Cognitive Renewal materials would work for you.

These materials have been used with a great deal of success in elementary school, middle school and high school to fix some problems and in other cases prevent problems. Dr. Mullinax covers how to deal with Bullying, Anger Management, Marriage and Family Problems, Addictions How to overcome these areas of dysfunction through the application of Cognitive Renewal. This material is also taught to employees of all rehabilitation facilities to help them understand how to hlp the clients under their supervision. He teaches classes for the professional that need CEUs for licensing renewal. Social workers, Councilors from all walks of life have praised the usefulness of this material in their employment as well as in their homes.

Dr. Mullinax certifies trainers for this material, though seminars. Then the certified trainer may teach it in the facility that has sent them for the training. Currently we are certifying trainers who will be teaching in Fort Wayne Community Schools next school year. Dr. Mullinax has previously certified trainers of the material for use in East Allan county schools. As you look though the web site you will find some statistics that reflect the difference the training makes in reducing referrals and the correlation between Cognitive Renewal and increase in scores of standardized testing by the state for our public schools.

Dr. Mullinax is teaching parents of students that have been sent to Alternative school. Parents come to 4 classes so they can understand what is being taught in school about Cognititve Renewal. The majority of parents are so thankful and grateful for the help they received by attending the parenting classes provided by the school system, at no charge to the parents.

In summary Consulting, Training, Seminars, are just a click away. Go to the area of contact us and fill out the form and get it to us and we will be glad to help you and/ or your employees to less frustrations in life because of the Cognitive Renewal materials that will bring about change as they are assimilated into their life.


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