Cognitive Renewal: Back to Basics

Identifying and Challenging Cognitive Deficits with Responsible Replacements

A Comprehensive and Eclectic Overview of Cognitive Skills

Dr. Mullinax has combined the best of several treatment programs , utilizing more than

 twenty-five years of experience and research.

 Dr. A. Wyatt Mullinax

Consultant, Author, Teacher, Counselor 


Recidivism Reduced

In the early 90’s Dr. A. Wyatt Mullinax designed and authored a program with adults which reduced recidivism by more than 33% with persons assigned to his class by the court sys-tems.  The results for those completing the recommended number of classes were even more re-markable—just under 1 out of 20, instead of the previous record of over 1 out of 5, recidivated during the same time period of post release.

In relation to Dr. Mullinax’s work with the incarcerated, Mr. Tom Richards, Director of Social Services for Indiana Department of Corrections, states “Over the past three years, the Indiana Department of Correction has integrated Cognitive Skill Training into various program areas within our facilities.  These programs include Substance Abuse Treatment, Pre-Release/Transition Programming, Education, and Religious Services.  Dr. Wyatt Mullinax has been the primary source for training and instructional materials for this Department-wide project.  Be-cause of Dr. Mullinax’s insight into patterns of criminal thinking and his intelligent and com-mons sense approach to teaching staff and offenders, ‘Cognitive Renewal’ is an accepted and practiced method of intervention in our system.”

Welfare to Work Succeeds

Dr. Mullinax’s innovative work with the welfare to work program has produced substan-tial positive results supported by outcome based measures--with approximately two-thirds of the recipients having made constructive cognitive changes.

Family Lives Improved

The implementation of Dr. Mullinax’s concepts as utilized in programs for adolescents, pre-adolescents, and their parents has also produced outstanding results—with about two-thirds positive, constructive cognitive skills development.  Last year one agency attested to the benefits of his work by noting that under his leadership in just five short years the number of groups grew from five in 1995 to one hundred and twenty.

Addiction Recovery

The Indiana Association of Drug and Alcohol Counselors recognized Dr. Mullinax’s in-novative work with drug and alcohol addictions in naming him the Counselor of the Year .  He has served as commissioner to the National Association for Drug and Alcohol certification and as chairperson for the state-wide Indiana Drug and Alcohol Counselors.  He serves as a member of the Governor’s Commission for a Drug Free Indiana.

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