Biblical Answers to Thinking Errors

A Ten Week Devotional Guide for Cognitive Renewal - $14.99 (includes shipping)



This devotional guide is based on the Biblical answers to ten Thinking Errors as developed by Dr. A. Wyatt Mullinax in dealing with Cognitive Renewal.  A seven-day guide is presented for each thinking error in the following sequence:


  Closed Thinking, Week 1

  Victimstance, Week 2

  View Self as a Good Person, Week 3

  Lack of Effort, Week 4

  Lack of Interest in a Responsible Performance, Week 5

  Lack of Time Perspective, Week 6

  Fear of Fear, Week 7

  Power Trust, Week 8

  Uniqueness, Week 9

  Ownership, Week 10


Space is allotted for personal journal keeping, as well as notes from small group sessions.


All prayers quoted from Scripture are taken from the King James Version.  Other Biblical quotes are identified by the version used.


Persons wishing to expand their studies are encouraged to read the verses surrounding the daily quotes.




Victimstance | Day 7


"Do not be angry, my Lord, "Aaron answered.  "You know how prone these people are to evil."  (Exodus 32:22 NIV)


Aaron tried to find a scapegoat for his wicked behavior.  First, he blamed "the people."  Then he blamed "fate" he threw gold into the fire and out came a golden calf!


Victimstance thinking leads to displaying oneself as the victim in every circumstance.


Reflection:  Recall the last time that you were reprimanded.  Did you blame anyone else?  How should you have responded?








Prayer:  "My Jesus, I love Thee, I konw thou art mine; for Thee all the follies of sin I resign."  William R. Featherstone








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