Designed for:

  • *Professional staff working in educational or correctional programs
  • *Social workers
  • *Volunteers
  • *Ministers and lay persons in church-related ministries
  • *Others dealing in counseling and rehabilitation
  • *Personnel in the workplace


Seminars provide an  over view of the material and feature the wide spread application of Cognitive Renewal Principles. The presentation includes examples of how the practical application of this material has changed many people's lives. During the seminar attendees have an opportunity to evaluate how the principles can be applied to their place of employment and/or personal lives.


Workshops provide in-depth training that  allows the participants to become knowledgeable in the applications of the principles of Cognitive Renewal in their place of employment. This is accomplished by:

  • *  audience participation
  • *  completing homework assignments
  • *  participating in  on-site group activities.

This training generally takes a minimum of 2 days.

Advanced Training:

Advanced Training is comprised of several weeks of one-day sessions and is designed  to teach the materials to those who will be teaching and applying the principles to others. The time frame for the training  is flexible, and if you are interested in the training we will try to meet your need.

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